Mud Run 4 Life

MudRun and Potters logos

Potters Baseball Game Fundraiser

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Come join us! By getting out there for awareness and prevention, we help those in need to find better ways to cope — we can all SAVE LIVES!

Tickets for this fundraiser are available for online purchase ONLY until Wednesday evening. (Regular Potters game tickets can be purchased on game day.)


The $17 Ticket is for general admission to the game (includes a $10 donation to MudRun4Life).


For a $100 Minimum donation, you will receive a booth (if desired) and three types of advertising – radio, at the game and on our Facebook page.

Please click the ‘donate’ button below and enter at least $100 in the donation field. Then contact Kelly Waterlyn at 916-420-7030 or to get set up.

A Heartfelt Thanks for Your Support!

Mud Run 4 Life
MudRun4Life is a Non-Profit Group organized in 2011 by three Lincoln Families for Suicide Prevention/Mental Health and Awareness. These three families were brought together through the tragic loss for each of them in losing a young son to suicide the summer of 2011. Alberto & Rosa Aguilar’s son Aldo Aguilar was only 18 years old; Ron & Kelly Waterlyn’s son Jake had just turned 20 years old and Jim & Tina Whalen’s Travis was only 20 years old as well!

MudRun4Life families gathered together frequently to grieve and try to heal from losing their children to this tragic epidemic! They all wanted to honor the lives of their young sons and reach back to the very community that so lovingly reached out to them! The families knew something had to be done and they needed to speak out on Suicide Prevention/Mental Health and Awareness.

MudRun4Life MudRuns took place for four years during 2012 to 2015, then a much needed year off took place. Now these same families host a night for awareness with the Lincoln Potters Baseball Club! A night of Hometown Baseball and a night of fundraising for this very important cause!

Can’t come to the game? Please MAKE A DONATION – every dollar helps!

Thank you for all the years of support!

~ The Agulair, Waterlyn & Whalen Families

The Lincoln Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 73-1677611.