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Lincoln Deliverz adThe Lincoln Community Foundation is proud to be a supporter of this truly innovative program!

We recently spoke with John Fett of Lincoln Deliverz for some inside information about how this community program got started, how it works and what we can expect for the foreseeable future…

John said: “With the advent of Covid and the shutdown of many of our businesses, several people came together to form the Lincoln Task Force. Those were people from the Economic Development Committee, of which I am the Chair along with Jason Price, the past chair, Andrea Flemenco with Leadership Lincoln, and Christopher O’Keefe with Sun City Lincoln Hills Foundation, etc. The big drive was done by Rich Hester, pastor of Emmaus Church. The Emmaus Church put up a sizeable amount of money with the idea that if we could get our local restaurants working with the food delivery companies such as Door Dash, Grub Hub and others, we would then reach out to all our residents and ask them to start ordering food. The food delivery companies actually take a sizeable amount from the total order, typically about 25%, so for our part, we reimburse 100% of the delivery charges to the restaurants. We then received sponsorship funds from Lincoln Community Foundation & Lincoln Christian Life Center to help with this program.

“Another upside is that we have a lot of part time Door Dash drivers who live in the city of Lincoln, so it’s a real Win-Win all around!

“We were planning on stepping down our reimbursement percentages and eventually stopping the program next year (because we figured that everyone would know how to order and thought the pandemic would be going away by then and the restaurants would have indoor customers), but with the continuation of this pandemic, we will continue the program into the foreseeable future.”

And the takeaway is that all Lincoln residents should order breakfast from the Rebel Hen Café or lunch from Mr. Pickles and support all our local restaurants so that they’re still here when this pandemic ends!

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