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Granite Wellness banner thanking staffIn keeping with our desire to support organizations affected by the pandemic, we granted funds to the Granite Wellness Center of Lincoln. Granite Wellness addresses substance use disorders and related behavioral health issues, encouraging people to find their inner strength via residential and outpatient wellness programs.

Recently, Bi-Lingual Services Coordinator Irma Moraga sent us an update:


Dear Mr. Knutson,

I am writing this summary on behalf of Granite Wellness Centers (GWC) Lincoln Service Center to provide an update on the use of funds from The Lincoln Community Foundation grant.

I serve the Lincoln Latino Community in various aspects with DUI programs, outpatient treatment, counseling, referrals, and calls to help this population maneuver through services they need most. The program curriculum that was purchased with grant funds from the Lincoln Community Foundation was a tremendous help as it became the tool I used in all our Spanish programs and services. It has also been an amazing support tool to keep staff employed in order to help members of our Lincoln community that need help during this pandemic.

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic began, many of my Latino clients have been unable to continue with services due to the inability to attend in-office sessions. Granite Wellness Centers transferred all services to telehealth and this was not an easy transition for my clients because of technology barriers. Because of the generosity of the Lincoln Community Foundation, I was able to purchase a computer to provide videos and share the curriculum for classes remotely and as a result, client participation has risen. This resource has also enabled GWC clients to acclimate to telehealth.

The percentage of clients served at the Lincoln Service Center at the beginning of the pandemic was approximately 65% but thanks to the Lincoln Community Foundation, we are now connecting with approximately 92%. There are a few who continue to struggle with the telehealth services and we are looking at many different ways to assist these clients so they can effectively complete their programs. GWC will continue to explore creative ways to offer services under the health and safety restrictions presented by COVID-19.

Thanks again for your generosity, I am humbled and appreciative of the financial assistance this grant has provided.

Irma Moraga
Bi-Lingual Services Coordinator
Granite Wellness Centers

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