Two Heartwarming Stories from Lighthouse

More Heartwarming Stories from Lighthouse

We believe Lighthouse Counseling & Family Resource Center is a very special place and are proud to be in partnership with this wonderful organization!

Two Heartwarming stories from Lighthouse

…which occurred because of your support!

It Was Winter

It was winter, and only a few days before Christmas, when three children all under the age of five years old were placed with their grandparents because their parents were both suffering from drug addiction. While under their parents’ care, the children were reportedly being abused and neglected. The children lacked sufficient clothes and were inappropriately dressed for the weather. They were always dirty and unbathed, and they did not receive needed healthcare, including immunizations. In addition, the children were often left alone to fend for themselves and to find food in mostly empty cupboards. The grandparents had no child car seats, and no gifts, or any way of creating a suitable holiday experience for their grandchildren until they came to Lighthouse.

Lighthouse provided the grandparents three new child car seats with expert installation and training. Lighthouse also provided them with numerous Christmas gifts. In addition, the grandparents received intensive case management, parenting classes, Cal-Fresh and Medi-Cal application assistance. Several months later, one grandparent came to Lighthouse simply to let us know how much Lighthouse helped them and that the children are now thriving.


Finding Home Again

Recently, we were notified of a potential child neglect case where a husband and wife with six children, ranging in ages from three to eight, were living in a tent in a family member’s backyard. After conducting a joint on-site visit with Placer County Child Protective Services, a Lighthouse case manager was able to enroll the family in Cal Fresh (formally known as food stamps), Cal Works, and Medi-Cal so that they had adequate nutritious food and basic health insurance. Both parents were attempting to go back to school while seeking viable work at the same time. Because the father participated in our employment readiness program he was eventually hired by a local grocery store. The younger three children benefited from our free Car Seat Safety program as well as our free Diaper Distribution program. The school aged children participated in our Back to School Backpack program where they received the school supplies they needed to start the new school year. A Lighthouse staff member was able to connect the father to the Veteran’s Association to assist him in obtaining housing benefits for his family. As the family was able to move from the back yard to the inside of an apartment, Lighthouse staff solicited Sleep Train and as a result they donated beds for the entire family. The mother has since graduated and is currently working as a health practitioner. Though the family still faces day to day struggles, they continue to thrive supported by supplemental services provided by the Lighthouse.

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