Students with their vaccine display

Mini Stories about Four Mini-Grant Recipients

Sometimes just a little financial boost can make the difference between staying home or having a memorable outdoor experience, putting on a great play, or providing a meaningful educational experience to the public. For these four groups, receiving that little boost made a big difference!

Boy Scout Troop 185

Troop 185 on a trip to Northern TierFrom July 4 to July 14, 2019, Troop 185 attended High Adventure Camp at Northern Tier, located in Atikokan, Ontario, Canada. The Troop was given a LCF mini-grant so that two members of the adult Troop leadership could receive training in Wilderness First Aid, which was required for attendance at the camp.

Multiple crews from Troop 185 canoed over 120 miles throughout the Northern Tier, experiencing everything from cold to rain to heat, carrying a canoe, surviving on a limited ration of food, clothing and other essentials and setting camp in a different location each night. The Wilderness First Aid Training was essential in keeping the Scouts safe in these conditions. The Scouts got to experience amazing scenery and wildlife, while working together as teams – an adventure of a lifetime!

Since Troop 185 practices the “hike into camp” methodology, the Wilderness First Aid training will also be important when the Troop goes on its many camp outs and expeditions throughout the 2019 – 2020 year. The Troop tries to go on a camp out at least once a month.

Troop 185 in front of the Northern Tier Sign
On the airplane
Hauling the canoe through the forest
Boating on the river
Boating on the river

LHS Biomedical Sciences Health Fair

LHS Biomed StudentsThe mission of the Lincoln High School Biomedical Sciences Program is to provide students with a wide variety of knowledge and experiences in the healthcare sciences. In this program, one course each year over a 3-year period, students learn the technical skills needed for the various healthcare careers that are available to them in our community. They learn biological concepts, laboratory methods and patient care skills, among others.

As part of the third year course, called Medical Interventions, students were assigned a health fair project which was displayed at the Lincoln Community Health Fair on May 4, 2019. Some of the informative topics students chose included: Bullying Prevention, CPR and AED Basics, First Aid, Vaccination Promotion, Nutrition, Bleeding and Trauma Care, Blood Pressure, Hearing and Visual Health, Healthy Smoothies and Drug Use Prevention.

In order to effectively motivate the public about their personal health, the students needed take-away products, such as CPR masks, First Aid kits, and smoothie recipes, as well as other equipment and supplies for their displays.

The Lincoln Community Foundation provided a mini-grant to help supplant the cost of these booth offerings in order to better serve the community. Approximately 300 community members attended the health fair.

LHS Drama Club

LHS Drama Club's "Once Upon a Mattress"While most of our grantees request funds for publicly displayed items, the Lincoln High School Drama Club needed equipment literally for “behind the scenes”.

While batteries might not be considered exciting to most people, the LHS Drama Club’s technical crew cannot function without them. There are specialized batteries built for the communication head-sets the theater technical crew use to communicate with each other, and so are crucial items for any theater production. From the control booth to the stage, the crew discusses lights, sound and stage management all while the public enjoys the show.

With the help of a LCF mini-grant, the club was able to purchase these top-quality specialized batteries and special chargers. We were gratified to be able to help the club be ready for the presenting of their Spring Musical, “Once Upon a Mattress”!

Wildlife Heritage Foundation

MicroscopesThe Wildlife Heritage Foundation strives to protect, enhance, restore and explore wildlife habitat on conserved lands for future generations. They offer free outdoor educational programs to community members of all ages in Lincoln and throughout Placer County. An important function of the group is to regularly connect youth to nature with engaging field trips, activities and projects.

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation’s Outdoor Education Program promotes conservation education for grades K-12 through guided field trips to a local nature preserve. During these field trips, the students participate in a variety of hands-on activities using an assortment of scientific equipment, including microscopes. Microscopes help students to analyze and identify specimens collected in the soil and water directly on site.

The Wildlife Heritage Foundation had been borrowing these microscopes; however, they needed a set of their own to be readily available for trips. LCF granted them the funds to purchase four microscopes for their outings.

Girl studying something in a field of grass
Kids looking at wetlands
Kids collecting wetland samples
Receiving instruction in the field
Kids wading in the stream
Table with many items for inspection.
Tables with microscopes
Kids walking in a large field of grass

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