Lincoln Theatre Co.

Lincoln Theatre Company Installs New Projection System

The Lincoln Theatre Company decided to purchase a new projection system with their grant funds this year. The projection system was used with their first major production of the year, Oklahoma! John Robeck, Executive Director of the Lincoln Art League, designed three beautiful projection slides for the show. What surprised the audience were the “moving parts” on the projections: the windmill in the farm scene turned slowly throughout the show when that slide was projected. The stars twinkled in the dream sequence, and the lights on the box social screen were bright and beautiful.

Since we installed the projection system, we have had audiences of approximately 2000 people (1300 for Oklahoma!, and approximately 700 for the Choristers’ concerts), who have enjoyed this newest addition to the restoration of the beautiful old Civic Auditorium.

We are very grateful for this wonderful new addition to the theater, not only because of the added beauty in our productions, but also because it enables LTC to build less-complicated set pieces, which frees up valuable space on our small stage, especially for choreographed dancing. Thank you, Lincoln Community Foundation for your ongoing support… and we hope to see you soon at the theater! – MaryEllen Vogt, Lincoln Theatre Company

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