Letter from the President – Nov. 2016

November 8, 2016

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Community Foundation, thank you for your interest and ongoing support. The Lincoln community is growing, improving, and thriving. We are proud and honored to serve as trustees of the important community resource that is the Lincoln Community Foundation.

In the past fiscal year, we involved the Foundation with the community in ways we had not done before:

  • We led a coalition of Lincoln community-based non-profits for the Big Day of Giving, leading to the single largest day of fundraising over $50,000.
  • We partnered with the City for the Art in Public Places project.
  • We successfully lobbied to secure $25,000 in funding from the City for this fiscal year.
  • Additionally, we were awarded the Best of the Best Lincoln Non-Profits.

The Foundation’s mission — Our Board of Directors work together to exercise prudent financial decisions. We take our jobs seriously in the fulfillment of our mission to cultivate philanthropy and stewardship.

  • We oversee the administration of the investing of donated funds, to enable the granting of a portion of investment fund proceeds for community projects and programs.
  • We provide services supporting other community-based organizations, creating an income stream as they grow and develop into non-profit entities.

The Foundation’s purpose — The charitable purpose for the fund we are administering is to provide grants to recipients for community projects & programs. In the past eight years, the Foundation has received nearly one-half of a million dollars in grant requests. During this same timeframe, the Foundation provided funding totaling nearly two hundred thousand dollars. Every request is important, proposing a benefit to community members.

Reaching the Foundation’s goal – Our goal is to build the charity fund to one million dollars. To reach this goal, we are implementing a Planned Giving program. Planned Giving enables charitable individuals to make a donation of any size, maximizing Estate Planning techniques and minimizing the tax impact on the donor’s estate and heirs.

The Foundation needs your help — No matter how big or how small, please consider donating today. Donate regularly, in whatever format you are most comfortable with. You can donate online using debit or credit card; donate in-person at the Lincoln City Office; or ask your Financial Advisor or Estate Planning Attorney to contact us to get information about how to include us in your Estate Plan.

You can learn more about us and donate at If I can personally answer any questions or if you would like to discuss ways we can partner, please contact me by email at Thank you for your support and consideration.

Lori Cochrane, President

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The Lincoln Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible. Our tax ID number is 73-1677611.