Two guys discussing their ceramic animals.

Funds Help LHS Art Department Build Outdoor Kiln Yard

Pottery ready for the kiln.This Lincoln Community Foundation grant has afforded the Lincoln High School Art Department the opportunity to expand electricity in a first step towards building a new outdoor kiln yard.

The Western Placer Unified School District Maintenance Department has recently invited multiple electricians to analyze the existing electrical power. They are making plans to update the wiring to meet the needs for the new kiln yard and will be beginning work within the year.

Thank you, Lincoln Community Foundation, for your support of our students and for helping us build our dreams of a bigger better ceramics program here at Lincoln High School. Lincoln High School has many bright young creative thinkers and problem solvers who are striving for constant challenges to advance their creative ambitions. This is exemplified by the below comment from one of our students: – Linda Miller, Lincoln High School Ceramic / Art Teacher

ā€œI think I can speak for most when I say our ceramics program hasn’t seen too many days brighter than these and of course those to follow. I look forward to the continued expansion and improvement of the Lincoln High School art and ceramics program and the impacts it will leave on students like myself.ā€ — Dylan Silva

Pretty clay container
Classroom setting
Finished fun ceramic animals.
A meeting of the minds…

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