Seniors enjoying activities

Featured Grant Recipient: Seniors First

Seniors First’s Recreation and Respite adult day care provides recreation for the participant and respite for the caregiver.  The program provides an assortment of recreational activities for the participant, including social interaction, arts and crafts, chair exercises, pet therapy, and games.  The program also provides group meetings and support for caregivers, allowing them to pursue personal interests knowing that their loved ones are being cared for in a safe environment.

One such caregiver shared with us about her husband’s struggle with Alzheimer’s: "I never thought I would be dealing with Alzheimers. The cards were on the table, but you don’t ever think it’s going to happen to you.  It starts with just subtle signs, like forgetting names and then you forget where you put things.  It got to where I couldn’t leave him alone for a minute."

For caregivers, especially spouses, it is an often unexpected and extremely high-stress job.  Sadly, because of the extreme stress of caregiving, 63% of caregivers become seriously ill, and worst case scenario will die before their loved one. The stress often falls on the spouses, and they need help.  Seniors First’s Recreation and Respite program is there to fill in the gaps.  "It’s been a lifesaver.  It gives me time to do things I wanna do, without having to worry about where is he, what he’s up to, is he in trouble?  Except for this program, I’m on my own.  Everybody here was wonderful and took him under their wings."

  – Seniors First

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